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Adidas Kanadia

Adidas Kanadia

Adidas Kanadia



The Kanadias:  TR5 (black-red, blue-green, white-red), TR6 (white-orange)

and TR7 (green-olive)



For a person who like running so much it is strange that I have not written an article on running in my own website  : D


Not really a fantastic running since young, I do like running. It was not until the end of my days in national service, I met a crazy runner and I started runing mid distance 10km from my camp in Guillemard to East Coast Park. Then the year later I studied mechanical engineering in National University of Singapore and that four years I ran marathon with friends met in jogging club. My best marathon was in 1986 and subsequently getting from bad to worse due to more time spent on studies.


I had a bad right knee injury because of wrong trainging pace for my marathon in 1989 and after that I dropped long distance running for quite a while. I almost stopped running after my first kid, and not until one year in my department we were allowed to pack up early for sport acitivities that I started my run again. That first run I had very horrible feeling at all my joints and I was so shocked that I was wondering what had happen to my body. Lucikily after a few runs my joints went back to normal, and since then it is no turning back for me to run and exercise regularly.


I have been an Adidas supporter since my first marathon. Somewhere in between I think Adidas went out of fashion and I did switch to Brooks and Nike. Recently Adidas brand is hot again and I went for the trail shoes Kanadia and like them very much. I am a strange person where I very often buy things because of the look rather than functionality. But Kanadia serves me well and I also started trail running for many years.


I do not often go for races, except the once a year company cross country. But that activity was stopped in 2016 and after that some how I feel quite relief that I need not train for competition any more and begin to run the way I like. Now I am doing middle to long distance from 6km to 15km and sometimes running jungle trails. I do not have a clear competition objective now and I am not very sure whether I will go back to long distance marathon again.


In 2020, it has come a time where Kanadia design has deviated from its original style for too much, so I am dropping Kanadia finally and going for Boost. Finally using the Adidas Boost technology, guess is behind the fashion for almost 7 years (2013-2020)?


Rear left:    Supernova Trail     Rear right:    Terrex Agravic Flow

Front left:    Kanadia TR8    Front right:    Rockadia



Back:    Supernova Trail     Front:    Terrex Agravic Flow





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