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Owls of Singapore

A7R4 in APS-C mode

FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G



Brown Hawk-Owl

A medium-sized earless owl that lacks a defined facial disc. Upperparts and dead dark brown. Underparts white with bold rufous heart shape streaks.

A7R2, f5.6 1/250  ISO 5000, Nikkor 600/5.6 IF-ED, Hindhede Nature Park, 4 Dec 2016




Buffy Fish Owl

A large, scruffy looking owl. Underparts buffy-brown, with promoinant black streaks on the breast. Streaks are finer on the belly. Upperparts rich brown, with dark brown mantle and wing feathers that are buff-margined. Long ear tufts, yellow eyes and white frontal patch diagnostic. Legs unfeathered.


f8 1/60. @594mm, ISO 2000, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 8 Nov 2021


f8 1/30. @594mm, ISO 1250, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 8 Nov 2021



f8 1/60. @594mm, ISO 2500, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 8 Nov 2021




f8 1/125. @600mm, ISO 500, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 1 Nov 2021




Spotted Wood Owl

A large, earless owl. Upperparts dark brown and finely spotted white. Underparts finely barred. Heart-shaped facial disc pale brown. Eyes dark brown, but appearing nearly black. Legs feathered.

f6.3 1/125. @512mm, ISO 1600, Pasir Ris Park Car Park D, 29 July 2021




Spot-bellied Eagle-owl

Huge, long part-barred ear-tufts. Whitish underparts with distinctive blackish-brown heart-shaped bars/spots. Dark eyes, pale yellow bill. Juvenile whitish to buffy-white head and body with blackish-brown bars.

f6.3 1/250. @600mm, ISO 1000, Rifle Range Link, 20 Apr 2021


f6.3 1/250. @600mm, ISO 1000, Rifle Range Link, 20 Apr 2021



Grey Nightjar

A dark, greyish nightjar. Crown darker than Large-tailed Nightjar, white throat patch smaller to the point of being indistinct. Buff patches on wing coverts and flight feathers give it a spotted appearance. In flight, white patch on flight feathers and tail is smaller compared to Large-tailed Nightjar.

A6400, f8 1/320  @600mm, ISO 400, Hampstead Wetlands Park, 30 Dec 2020

















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