Sunday, March 29, 2020



Randomness ...............




Got this idea from a friend's album in FaceBook. This section is for those articles I wrote which belong to neither here nor there, where I cannot fit them into the existing sections. So, they will find their home here.


And hope you will enjoy reading them.


Life is short, treasure every moment you have with your friends and your love ones, we only die once ............


In life, I prefer to look forward, be positive and move on. Nevertheless I treasure those memories in the past, all those who had once walk the same path with me. In a race, there are more than just winning. The journey to the end point is more important than the end point itself. Be happy, and do just what your heart tells you to do so ........





聚散匆匆 莫牵褂 未记风波中英雄勇
就让浮名 轻抛剑外
千山我独行 不必相送

楚留香  顾嘉辉 邓伟雄 黄霑


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