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Tailorbirds and Babblers
A7R4 in APS-C mode
A1 12 Jun 2022


FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G
GM 600/4.  10 Sept 2022


190XPROB/GHFG1. 14  Dec 2022
190B/GHFG1.  Feb 2022
MT190CXPRO3/GHFG1. May 2022



Common Tailorbird

A skulking inhabitant of the understorey that is more often heard than seen. In both sexes, can be identified by a rufous forehead that does not extend beyond the eye abd a comparatively lonf tail. Its upperparts are olive green with whitish and prominant black streaks around the neck, particularly in males. Males have noticeably longer tail as well. 

f9 1/500. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 4000, Keppel Discovery Wetlands, 30 Jun 2022



Ashy Tailorbird

An unmistakable grey tailorbird with a rufous head. Male plumage ashy grey, paler on upperparts, but has a darker grey patch on throat. Face is orange-rufous, contrasting with rest of plumage. Female white-throated, and shows white centre to underparts.

f6.3 1/500. @468mm, ISO 1600, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Mangrove Boardwalk, 5 Jun 2021


f9 1/1000. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 8000, Kingfisher Wetlands Wildlife Lookout, 25 Jul 2022


f6.3 1/1250. @600mm, ISO 5000, Full Frame, Woodlands Waterfront, 11 Aug 2021  


Juvenile, A6400, f6.3 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 6400, Woodlands Waterfront, 5 Sept 2021


f8 1/500. @600mm, ISO 6400, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Mangrove Boardwalk, 7 Jun 2021



Pin-striped Tit-Babbler

Familiar babbler with streaking on yellowish underparts. Upperparts olive-brown with rufous crown. Underparts mostly pale yellow. Dark brown streaking extends from throat to breast,but less boldly marked in young birds. Some birds may show bluish-grey skin around the eye. 

A6400, f6.3 1/1600  @600mm, ISO 5000, MacRitchie Reservoir, 20 Sept 2021              

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