Saturday, June 22, 2024



Crakes and Rails

A7R4 in APS-C mode

FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G



Red-legged Crake

A chesnut-brown rail with distinct white barring on the lower wings. Plumage largely rich chesnut brown, while lower belly black with fine white banding. 

A7R2, f6.3 1/500. @338mm, Full Frame, ISO 6400, Botanic Garden, 22 Sept 2019





White-browed Crake

A small rail with diagnostic facial pattern. Thick black eye-stripe is fringed with white brow and cheek patch while cap is dark grey. Otherwise largely pale grey, nearly white on underparts, with brown back and wings. Bill yellow, orange at the base.

A6400, f6.3 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 1000, End of Neo Tiew Harvest Lane, 26 Sept 2020



A6400, f8 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 800, End of Neo Tiew Harvest Lane, 24 Oct 2020










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