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Common Birds in Singapore
A7R4. in APS-C mode
A1. 12 Jun 2022


FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G
GM 600/4. 10 Sept 2022


190B/GHFG1. 2022
190XPROB/GHFG1. Feb 2022
MT190CXPRO3/GHFG1. May 2022




Red Junglefowl

An unmistakable wild rooster, with a combination of slate-grey legs, white rump and white ear-patch. Hens are uniformly dull brown wiht heavy streaking. Wildly regarded as ancestor of dometic chicken. Plumage colouration can vary greatly due to interbreeding with domestic stock. 

f7.1 1/500. @214mm, full frame, ISO 2000, Eco Lake, 9 Apr 2022


Male and female, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, Full Frame, ISO 1600, Keppel Discovery Wetlands, 10 Feb 2022


A6400, f6.3 1/500. @324mm, ISO 1000, Botanical Garden ECO Lake, 11 Mar 2020


A6400, f6.3 1/500. @200mm, ISO 1000, Botanical Garden ECO Lake, 11 Mar 2020


A6400, f6.3 1/500. @326mm, ISO 800, Botanical Garden ECO Lake, 11 Mar 2020


Chick, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, Full Frame, ISO 1600, Eco Lake, 9 Apr 2022






Black-naped Oriole

An common garden bird and the only member of the family found in Singapore. Both male and female have a uniformly bright yellow plumage (duller in female), a pink bill and broad black band extending from the lores to the nape. Juvenile lacks the pink bill and are streaked black on the underparts.

A6400, f8 1/1600. @600mm, ISO 800, 21 Nov 2020


A6400, f8 1/500. @600mm, ISO 1600, 4 Feb 2021


f8 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 800, Satay by the Bay, 19 Mar 2021


A6400, f10 1/2500  @600mm, ISO 1250, Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Park, 4 Oct 2021






House Crow

An infamous human commensal first introduced to Singapore through trading ships. A large bird with black face and wings, contrast wiht grey mantle, neck and breast. The species is native to Indian subcontinent and Myanmar but are now present all over the world.

A6400, f6.3 1/500. @257mm, ISO 8000, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 12 Dec 2020


f10 1/500  @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 1600, Woodlands Waterfront, 23 Jul 2022


f11 1/1600. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 2500, Woodlands Waterfront, 7 Jul 2022


A6400, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, ISO 800, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Eagle Point, 29 feb 2020


f8 1/3200. ISO 1250, GM 600  TC 1.4x, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 23 Sept 2022


f8 1/3200. ISO 2000, GM 600. TC 1.4x, Kingfisher Pod, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, 7 Oct 2022







Javan Myna

The most recognisable bird in Singapore. Uniformly black plumage with yellow eyes, bill and legs. White wing patches. Juveniles have slaty-grey plumage that is lighter than the adult birds. The bird is native to the islands of Java but has been introduced to many places in Southeast Asia.

A6400, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, ISO 1000, 25 Oct 2020







Common Myna

The less abundent Myna in Singapore. The species has a combination of black head and yellow skin around the eye, the body plumage is brown with white wing patch. Sometimes seen with unfeathered heads when undergoing moulting. Native in Singapore but number is reduced with the better adapting Javan Myna.

f8 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 400, Gardens by the Bay, 8 Apr 2021






Eurasian Tree Sparrow

A well know human commensal, identified by its chestnut crown, black face mask, cheek patch and chin. Neck is white, upperparts generally brown with streaked black and buffy underparts.

f7.1 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 5000, Woodlands, 18 Aug 2021









White-breasted Waterhen

A familiar black and white rail with a greenish yellow beak, the most common rail in Singapore. The only rail that is regularly encountered in urban areas. Upperparts from the crown to the tail and wings entirely black, contrasting sharply with white face and underparts. Undertail coverts chestnut. Greenish bill.

A6400, f8 1/2000. @600mm, ISO 800, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Satay by the Bay Lily Pond, 19 Feb 2021


f8 1/640. @600mm, ISO 800, 190B/GHFG1, Kingfisher Wetland Lookout, 7 Jan 2022


f8 1/500. @600mm, ISO 2000, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Woodlands Waterfront, 28 May 2021


f8 1/500. @600mm, ISO 2000, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Woodlands Waterfront, 28 May 2021








Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

A large drongo with prominant tail feathers. One of the most distinctive forest birds in Singapore thanks in part to its distinctive modified tail feathers. Plumage glossy black, with conspicious tuft on forehead. Red eyes. Tail lightly forked, unlike Crow-billed Drongo, with shafts of outer feathers extending and ending with a curled racket. Recently moulted birds and juvenile may not possess these rackets.


A6400, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, ISO 6400, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Healing Garden, 10 Sept 2021



A6400, f6.3 1/200. @600mm, ISO 3200, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Healing Garden, 10 Sept 2021



A6400, f6.3 1/200. @600mm, ISO 3200, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Healing Garden, 10 Sept 2021







Pied Triller

A distinctive black and white bird with contrasting white brow and black eye-stripe. Male is black on crown, nape, mantle and parts of wing, mostly white on underparts. Back and uppertail coverts grey. Female is greyish brown on upperparts, not black, and finely scaled on underparts. Young birds are less strongly marked and are finely streaked on the underparts.


A6400, f6.3 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 1000, 8 Feb 2020


f5.6 1/1000. ISO 1600, GM600 TC1.4x, Woodlands Fu Shan Garden, 19 Nov 2022


Female Juvenile, f10 1/500. @600mm, TC 1.4x ISO 2500, Eagle Point, 23 Aug 2022




Oriental Pied Hornhill

An unmistakable bird. Both sexes have pied plumage that is black above and white below with bluish facial skin and a light yellow casque and bill. Females have a much reduced casque and black patches on the bill.

f6.3 1/640. @600mm, Full Frame, ISO 2500, Hampstead Wetlands Park, 8 Apr 2022



A7R2, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, Full Frame, ISO 1250, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve family, 

juvenile(left), female(centre) and male, 9 Aug 2019



White-crested Laughingthrush

An unmistakable bird of well-wooded parks. It has a white head and upper breast with a black face mask and chocoloate-brown back, wings and tail. 

f6.3 1/500. @600mm, Full Frame, IO 12800, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Hindhede Nature Park, 8 Mar 2021



Oriental White-eye

Only white-eye in Singapore. Unmistakable most of the upperparts olive-green with broad white eye-ring. Throat, upper breast, forehead and vent yellow. Lower breast and belly pale grey, with yellow undertail coverts and vental stripe that extends up belly.

f9 1/2000. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 3200, Woodlands Waterfront, 17 Jul 2022


f9 1/1250. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 1600, Woodlands Waterfront, 17 Jul 2022






Botanical Garden, Eco Lake

A7R2, f5.6 1/500 Nikkor 600/5.6 IF-ED Ais, ISO 640, 190XPROB/054Mg, 30 Sept 2016


A7R2, f5.6 1/500 Nikkor 600/5.6 IF-ED Ais, ISO 800, 190XPROB/054Mg, 30 Sept 2016



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