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Woodpeckers and Barbets
A7R4. in APS-C mode
A1. 12 Jun 2022
MT190CXPRO3/GHFG1.  May 2022




Easily recognised by its combination of facial pattern, bright golden-yellow mantle,back and wings, red crest and fine black scaling on the unerparts. Both sexes possess a black eye-stripe and thinner moustachial stripe. Male has a red crest, female a balck crest finely spotted with white.



f9 1/640. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 3200, Woodlands Waterfront, 17 Jul 2022 


A6400, f8 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 6400, NYGH, 4 Oct 2021                 

f9 1/500. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 2500, Woodlands Waterfront, 17 Jul 2022



A6400, f6.3 1/1600. @600mm, ISO 5000, Healing Garden, 10 Sept 2021


f10 1/800. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 4000, Woodlands Waterfront, 17 Jul 2022


f9 1/800. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 2500, Woodlands Waterfront, 17 Jul 2022




Laced Woodpecker

A medium-sized greenish woodpecker. The largely green plumage, grey face, yellow rump and fine speckling on the belly distinguish it from other woodpeckers. Crown and nape red in male, black in female.

Male, A7R2, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, ISO 3200, Lorong Halus Wetland Park, 7 Sept 2019



Male, A7R2 in APS-C mode, f6.3 1/500. @600mm, ISO 2500, Lorong Halus Wetland Park, 7 Sept 2019





Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker

The smallest and most frequently encountered woodpecker in Singapore. Brown cap, nape, back and wing with extensive spotting. Dark brownish path over eye extends down neck and contrasts with white brow and cheek. Faint brown streaks on underparts. Male has fine red streak on rear crown sides, which is absent in female.

Female, f8 1/1000  @600mm, ISO 2000, Hampstead Wetlands Park, 23 Mar 2022



f8 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 800, Hampstead Wetlands Park, 23 Mar 2022

Juvenile (left), female (centre) and male (right, note the red patch on rear crown)





Banded Woodpecker

A medium size rufous-brown woodpecker with a distinct yellow nape. Both Sexes have red crown and rich maroon wings, contrasting with olive-green back, but male also red on neck sides. Female white speckled on face. Belly to vent buff-white, finely barred olive-green.

A6400, f6.3 1/320. @600mm, ISO 800, Hampstead Wetlands Park, 21 Dec 2020






Coppersmith Barbet

A small barbet with a distinctive facial pattern. Two yellow patches surrounding the eye give it a spectacled appearance. Forehead crimson. Throat yellow, separated from breast by red band. Underparts streaked green against overall yellow. Sexes similar.


f8 1/640. @600mm, ISO 800, Jurong Lake Garden, 11 Mar 2021


f8 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 640, Hampstead Wetlands Park, 7 Jan 2022


A6400, f8 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 800, Neo Tiew Harvest Link, 8 Feb 2020





Lineated Barbet

A large barbet with heavy brown streaking on the head and most of ots uderparts, but largely green on its back, wings and tail. Bright yellow facial skin and pinkish-yellow bill are distinctive features. Sexes similar.

A6400, f6.3 1/250. @600mm, ISO 1000, Eco Lake, 11 Mar 2020





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