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Stravinsky.Paavo Jarvi

Stravinsky.Paavo Jarvi






SACD has been around for quite a while. But now it seems this format is not really flourishing, though it is the musical format I like most in terms of quality. Around 2004 a series of SACD recordings from Pentatone Classics were made available to Singapore market. Being a classical music lover as well as a SACD supporter I was very excited then.

According to Pentatone website, Pentatone Music B. V. was formed by 3 ex-staffs from Philips Classics. The recordings were done by Polyhymnia International, which was the recording studio of Philips Classics.

Pentatone believe 5.1 surround sound will finally take over stereo. Many of the Pentatone recordings are new releases made in SACD 5.1 format. At the same time Pentatone also releases old recordings under Quadraphonic Recordings. Quadraphonic recordings are old recordings made in 4 channels format. These recordings were not released into the market due to the lack of corresponding hardware development. Today with the invention of SACD format these recordings finally have a chance to get to the music lovers. These recordings were done way back in 1970s.

I can still remember I bought 40 over pieces of Pentatone SACDs when they were first release in Singapore from Mr Ernest, who is running a CD shop specialised in audiophile recordings, the New Disc Village. Out of the SACDs I particularly like this Stravinsky recording. First piece of this SACD is ‘The Soldier’s Tale Suite”, performed by a 7-man small group. The music consisted of many instrumental solos. This recording is good for testing audiophile equipment: having 11 short parts, and being performed by 7 different instruments, and with great transient and dynamic.

Other works included in this SACD are all performed by small orchestra: Ragtime (11-man), Petit Choral, Concerto in E-flat (13-man), Concerto en Re (17-man), Suite No. 1 (24-man ) and Suite No. 2 (26-man).

Stravinsky’s works are lively and energetic, and full of surprises. Guess as a classical music lover you will definitely like this SACD recording.






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