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18 f4 HFT Distagon

18 f4 Carl Zeiss HFT Distagon



10 elements in 9 groups


Angle of view: 100o

Close focus distance:  0.30m 

Filter size: slip on 70mm



A well designed and compact super wide angle lens. It was introduced in 1972 for Contarex. Introduced as QBM mount in 1972 with floating elements. Contax CY mount was introduced in 1974/75. Distorsion control is good but need to be careful depend on photographic situation. Light falls off at large aperture is apparent. This lens has a very pleasant signature. The lens is very compact for this angle coverage. To use a 86mm filter you will need a special 70/86 adaptor, and the filter has to be the thin type. 


Medan Deri River Rolleiflex SL 2000 F f8 1/125 18/4 HFT Distagon Ektarpress 100 


World Trade Centre Twin Towers,  Rolleiflex SL2000F, f8 1/250 18/4 HFT Distagon,
New York, 9 July 2000


SL2000F - f11 1/125 - Ektapress 100 - Manfrotto 190C/168 - 6 July 1997    

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