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150/2.8 T* Sonnar

150/2.8 T* Sonnar

Carl Zeiss 150/2.8 Sonnar T*   2.8/150 150mm f2.8




This is an interesting lens I bought from ebay. It was used on Agiflite military system. The above photo shows the complete lens. The front 82mm lens hood is from Heliopan, and since the lens comes with front build-in UV filter there is no screw thread, I have to find some DIY ways to fix the hood to the front of the lens. The back chrome part is the machined SL66 mount. The lens has been modified to have open aperture operation on SL66.






The lens has a special looking aperture blade design. In the above photo you can see some card boards I used to fix the lens hood in place.





Lens originally on marine military Agiflite system.


Rolleiflex SL66E, VC160, f2.8 1/125, Manfrotto 190B/488RC2, 21 Nov 2010.


Rolleiflex SL66E, VC160, f8 1/30, Manfrotto 190B/488RC2, 21 Nov 2010.


SL66E, VC160, f4 1/125, 190B/488RC2, 21 Nov 2010. 


SL66E, VC160, f4 1/60, 190B/488RC2, 21 Nov 2010.  




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