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Contax 16/2.8 F-Distagon T*

Contax 16/2.8 F-Distagon T*

Fish Eye Perspective by Zeiss

Contax 16/2.8 2.8/16 16mm f2.8 F-Distagon T*




Fisheye lens is not a lens for everyday photography. It is designed to view almost 180 degrees with barrel distortion purposely not corrected to create dramatic effect. To me it is a standard lens for church interior photography and you will find 180 degree of view is still not wide enough. For scenary shots when used carefully the distortion may not even be visible. For interior photography with curve lines at the edge the lens can be used effectively for nice composition.


Rollei HFT F-Distagon (left) and Contax C/Y F-Distagon T*


I like my Rollei QBM 16/2.8 F-Distagon very much, and the Contax one does not disappoint me also. I believe the Contax version is identical to the Rollei version. In Rollei days not many F-Distagons were produced and Rollei did not produced a mordern 3003 version of the F-Distagon and the latest version of lens exterior is the QBM 2-pin type. 








Contax 159MM, VC160, f5.6 1-4sec, Manfrotto 190B/488RC

 Buddha Tooth Relie Temple and Museum 24 Oct 2009



National Day Celebration 2010 - Aria - f4 1/60 - VC400 - 7 Aug 2010



159MM - f5.6 1-4 sec - VC160 - Manfrotto 190B/488RC2 - 24 Oct 2009  

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