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200/2 Apo Sonnar T*

200/2 Apo Sonnar T*

Contax Legend 200 f2 Apo Sonnar T*




One of the few lenses of Zeiss issued for Contax that I admired when I was young but the price was just too unreachable for me even when I was working. But in the digital age price of these these maunal focus only lenses have gone down. Others exortic lenses like the 55/1.2 and 85/1.2 Planars, and the 300/2.8 Apo Tele-Tessar. Due to the collector nature of these lenses, the price did not go down too much but at least are more 'affordable' compared to decades ago when they were just released. The 200/2 Apo Sonnar is a newer lens than the 300/2.8 Apo Tele-tessar, but probably as it was made in Japan, the used price was much more friendly than the 300/2.8, which was made in Germany.





When I got the lens from the shipment, the very first thing I felt that this lens that is very different from the rest of the Zeiss that I own, is the smoothness and damping of the focusing ring and  the aperture ring. The feel is so refined, probably very close to Leica quality, as the lens was sold at Leica price anyway. The feel is even much more refined than the current Zeiss Otus, or the made in Germany ZM 15/2.8 and 85/2. Well now the 200/2 is priced close to a brand new Otus, but you will feel that it is much more value for money as you get a much bigger and heavier lens than the Otus, and still at Apo quality, though not at f1.4!!



吉祥宝聚寺, A7R2, f5.6 1/25, ISO 100, 190XPROB/410 Gear, 21 April 2018.


Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, A7R2, f5.6 1/500, ISO 500, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, 24 Mar 2018. 


Clerodendrum thomsoniae, A7R2, f5.6 1/250, ISO 320, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, 7 April 2018. 


 福海禅寺, A7R2, f2 1/60, ISO 1250, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, 1 April 2018.


A7R2, f4 1/125  ISO 100, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Waterloo Street, 13 Jan 2021








 All photos of the 200/2 were taken with A7R, 40/2 Batis CF Distagon T* @ f11 1/125 ISO 400, close up with Schneider Componon 100/5.6 @ f11 1/60 ISO 400.

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